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Website : www.aalizwel.com

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Vishal Jagetia

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Aalizwel.com is the India’s first online youth's social marketplace where students and pass-outs can buy, sell and exchange any goods or services. It is not only done with their friends or classmates but with the whole user group within their vicinity. This platform is created to give students and recently pass-out the opportunity to trade anything from essential books, bike, electronic items to small things like drafter, calculators. It is as easy as abc: upload or find, meet and sell or buy whatever you want.

How AIW useful for you?
We are always available to assist our valuable friends buy the things they require at best price: buy books, find a roommate, find a room to rent, sell old stuff, look for a job, volunteer work or internship, buy a bicycle, bike or car, look for help from other students and a lot more to list.

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Youth Social Marketplace

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