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Aerona Beauty

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Bilal Malik

Founded : 2001

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Aerona Beauty is a manufacturing & export company selling beauty care/manicure and pedicure instruments like barber scissors,cuticle nipper,nail clippers,hair cutting scissors,hair thinning scissors,professional nail cutter,young nails magic wand,heavy duty toenail cutter,nail care,skin care,manicure & pedicure instruments,beauty products,arrow point nail cutter,scissors,blackhead remover,manicure set,razor edge shears,hair thinning shears,eyebrow tweezers,nail files,callus remover,beauty supplies,personal care,hair supplies,salon supplies,cuticle pusher,nail nipper,moon shaped nail cutter,barelled spring nail cutter,manicure kit,foot files,shaving razor,cuticle scissors,embroidery scissors,plastic handle scissors,eyelash curler,makeup tool,acrylic tip cutter,tailor scissors,titanium coated scissors,shears,manicure scissors,beauty care instruments,manicure instruments
,skin care and beauty supplies all over the globe.
Shears are a Barber's tool of the trade. Just as an artist wields a brush on a canvas, the barber uses shears to create beautiful or handsome hair. It is of the utmost importance that a hairstylist or barber have the best and latest scissors of the trade.

Aerona Beauty Hair Cutting Scissors endeavor to bring innovation and precision into the hands of the industry professionals. We are introducing our elegant and future oriented designed Hair Shears made with high grade of Japanese Stainless Steel.

We're just as passionate about haircutting as you are.Our primary motivations are helping people to look good, and more importantly, making them feel good.Through experience, we've come to understand that the right barber shears play a central role in helping you to achieve your hairdressing goals,including personal and financial success.

Aerona Beauty collectivelyâ¦

DESIGN SCISSORS with quality standards,

EDUCATE STYLISTS to choose the right scissors from the start,

DEMONSTRATE REAL TECHNIQUES that improve haircutting and posture and,

REPAIR AND SERVICE scissors to factory standards â exclusively in-house.

Clean the scissors after every use. Sharpening or balancing should be performed by a professional. If it is misused,broken or fall down the guarantee will not be applied.

We specialize in selling hairdressing scissors and pride ourselves in understanding exactly what the hairdresser really needs.There is a wide selection of quality scissors at Aerona Beauty.

Offering some of the most sought after and highly effective hair cutting scissors in the market.Started manufacturing in 2001, our Scissors offer an ideal entry route to the world of exceptional craftsmanship and stunning scissors design.The shears are crafted from top quality stainless steel and finished in mirror,satin,sand,powder coated,gold plated,copper plated and titanium coated.

90% of a shears quality is in the type of metal the blade is constructed from.You want a blade that is super-sharp but that can also hold and edge... without corroding.

The thing you will like about the Aerona Shears, in addition to how well they work is all of the great colors that they come in.The scissors are truly the perfect way to express your personality .

Our Mission isâ¦

To "educate and inspire" professional stylists on a higher level, in a more creative and more satisfying way of hairdressing - by harnessing the skills they already have. "Educate" with the combination of the right hairdressers scissors with the right techniques to make an immediate and positive difference, whilst reducing irreversible wear-and-tear on stylists' joints and muscles. "Inspire" with more confidence and more creative freedom.

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