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Amsterdams staand horloge

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Website : www.amsterdamshorloge.nl

Founders :

Paul van der Zee

Founded : 2014

Description :

An internet entrepeneurial startup.
We offer a lot of information that can be found nowhere on the internet, which leads to a lot of traffic to our website. So we catch the customers who are interested in the clockmakers of the Amsterdam grandfather clock, named locally Amsterdams staand Horloge.
Once there we offer much more detailed information which is in our printed books, that can be ordered online.
The advantage of printed books is that this information can not be copied easilly and published on the internet. It is also that the typical owner of a grandfather clock likes to read the information from a book more than from a website.

Current Rating : 0.0

Products :

printed books about clocks and clockmakers

Funding :

no funding

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