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Aditya Gupta :

Aditya Gupta is an information security researcher and a security consultant as well. He is also the co-founder of the mobile security firm "Attify".

He is also the author of the popular mobile security book, Learning Pentesting for Android Devices selling more than 5000 copies within the initial few months of launch.

He is also the co-creator of Android Framework for Exploitation, a framework for automated security analysis of android based devices.

Apart from the research, he also speaks and conducts training at numerous international conferences such as Nullcon, Clubhack, THC, Toorcon, BlackHat etc.

He has also discovered a lot of severe security holes in websites such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Paypal, Microsoft etc.

Hrishikesh Kumar

IIT Guwahati Alumnus
Used to run - a blog on android application development
Published SleepOptimal - an app with 10K+ installs
Applies Machine Learning skills in AppWatch
Works on the Web UI and Backend of AppWatch

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Description :

Attify is a startup focussing on simplifying enterprise mobility and mobile security as a whole. The company is right now working on its first product AppWatch which is an automated scanner for mobile applications offering a cloud based service for the same.

AppWatch comes along with an amazing API, which could be used to integrate it into any other existing security product.

The Scanner works currently for Android Applications, and automatically finds vulnerabilities using static and dynamic analysis approach, and generates a report for you, along with suggesting the ways on how should developer fix these vulnerabilities.

The product is currently under closed beta and is undergoing continuous improvements. Get in touch with us at for more information.

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Products :

AppWatch - A cloud based Mobile Application Security Scanner

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