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Chai Shop

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Founder : Vijith Quadros
Support/ Content Team : Ahaan Pandit
Neil Perez
Srishti Das

Founded : 30

Description :

Chai Shop is India's first virtual address book for talent. Having been in the creative field semi professional for sometime now, it was known that many people don't know the man behind the brilliance. This happened so often that, it was time for someone to give a platform for the lesser known to portray what they do and be at par with the guys who make the headlines. Keeping that in mind, the Chai Shop, begun. The name comes because, the Chai Shop is where the best of the conversations happen.

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Products :

Chai Shop being a virtual address book for talent, the services we offer is being artist and talent managers and giving the artist a platform to display and showcase, leading to mass marketing of the artist and also showcasing of talent on an online platform.

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