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Creya Learning

  • experiential learning, 21st century skills, experiential learning system, engaging student, interdisciplinary program, K-12 education, design thinking, ignited minds, after-school programs, project based learning, blended learning system, active engagement, STEM education, STEM based learning, after school programs india, after school programs hyderabad'

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Hari K Verma
Co-Founder and CEO
An Engineer with a Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Management from NITIE Mumbai, Hari has held leadership positions in the technology and education management sectors in India and abroad. Prior to co-founding Creya, Hari was a Vice President at Knowledge Universe Education Digital, (KUED) responsible for the education leader’s marketplace and retail businesses. He also led KUED’s foray into India. Hari co-founded Creya with the vision of equipping children with the skills and attitudes necessary to thrive in the 21st Century. In a short span of two years under the leadership of Hari, Creya has propelled 25,000 children from 50 schools on to a transformative learning path towards 21st century learning. Hari has attended the “Future of Learning” and “Project Zero” Symposiums at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and has spent time at the Design thinking Institute at the Nueva School in Hillsborough, California, with fellow STEM educators from across the world and leading design thinkers from Stanford like David Kelley. Prior speaking engagements include EduTPro conference in Bangalore and the Conference on “Envisioning Tomorrow’s Schools Today” at Sancta Maria International School, Hyderabad. Hari has also conducted hands-on workshops with children across the country and takes a deep interest in being hands-on in the areas of 21st Century Learning, STEM, Design thinking in education and Experiential Learning.

In Hari's own words, "I like to look at education from a child's personal perspective. I believe that academic excellence alone, which is by far the most focused aspect of education in our country, plays a very little role in our children growing up to be successful and happy in life. My personal motivation is to guide children to discover their path to learning, careers and success in lifetime and to connect to learning communities across the world."

Praveen B Vudoagiri
Co-Founder and Coach
“In my past life (before you think I am hallucinating, I mean life before Creya), I held a Mechanical Engineering degree and made my living by defining and delivering software applications. My last three years have been as a product leader at KUED building end to end Enterprise Management Systems. And then CREYA happened!” says Praveen. He now works as a co-learner at Creya and is rediscovering the joy of learning, collaborating, reflecting and designing new things alongside a young generation of innovators, change makers and leaders… the learners of today.

Datla V Reddy
Co-Founder and Coach
He is a Co-Founder and Coach at Creya Learning. Before getting inspired to be part of the founding team of Creya, he was at KU Education Digital India, managing the development of curriculum, assessments and tutoring for the K-12 schools in the US. Despite his MBA from MDI, Gurgaon and an engineering degree to boot, he always felt the need and want for a few more essential skills while working as a consultant in different business situations across different continents. These are the skills that went beyond academics and typically don't get enough attention in schools.
As a concerned parent and a coach, Venky believes that the DNA of what, how and where we teach our school children should prepare them for realizing their true potential. Creya is his small attempt at building an open learning system that delivers those essential skills to school students and sets them on to a path of success in the 21st century.

Founded : 2011

Description :

Creya Learning is an education services provider with a mission to transform Indian school education to an inquiry-based, learner-centered system that equips children for success in the 21st Century. With Creya XEL, our award winning Studio based learning program, we help schools deliver creative thinking, critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills in the truest sense. The Creya XEL program is helps children from Grades 1 - 10 work on interdisciplinary projects connecting their classroom theory to solving for real world problems. The program is conducted in the Creya Studio - a richly equipped physical learning space that allows for diverse solutions for a single problem statement unlike a kit based approach typical of activity programs. XEL is also the only program that combines Digital Media & Language Arts with a top of the line STEM education program. Built on strong research driven foundations of Dr Robert Marzano's Taxanomy, the program takes children beyond the application, evaluation and synthesis stages to the meta-cognition stage where they begin to understand 'why they should learn' and if so, 'how can they learn' on their own. All the projects ensure children apply design thinking as an integral process for brainstorming, sketching, prototyping and building solutions that work in the real world. While XEL provides disruptive innovation to a school, its implementation is pleasantly non-disruptive as we enable the school's existing teachers deliver it instead of the typical 'resource person approach' ensuring a "whole school transformation".
Creya is not just about being an innovative program. It is the only program that ensures students develop the skills to innovate. While there are discrete activity providers that focus on reinforcement of concepts in a subject like Math or Science, Creya is the only program that focuses on helping children develop application and synthesis skills. What is unique about Creya is the emphasis on using a Design Thinking Process and an interdisciplinary approach to solving real world problems. The diversity of constructibles that children work with as part of the Creya program is also unparalleled with children getting to work with Bricklab, Digital Audio & Video, Robotics & Engineering design Set. In terms of comprehensiveness, it is unique in providing the learning environment, curriculum and the support that is robust enough for us to sign up for guaranteed learning outcomes . The research driven curricular approach to the projects makes it the only true experiential learning programs in the country. From an impact point of view, the program is designed to take children much beyond the familiar Blooms taxonomy levels, beyond the Comprehension, Analysis, Knowledge, and Utilization to the Meta Cognitive Level. With a program that is successfully running in schools across boards that includes State Boards, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and IB, it is India's only integrative STEM and Digital Media Arts program that caters to children right from Grades 1 through10.
Creya program implementation involves a robust assessment system that continuously measures the progress of each child on all the outcomes promised. The journal records, artifacts evidence along with in classroom observations and interviews form the basis for the assessment. Saying that Creya has delivered all the promised outcomes would be an understatement. Schools have done their own independent assessments to cross check the same and have confirmed exceptional skills development. Children have demonstrated how they can collaborate to come up with innovative solutions using their everyday classroom theory. Teachers are reporting high level of engagement with student in their regular classrooms while parents are seeing a new dimension of high energy levels in their children. Creya XEL Program is driving holistic transformation across the schools with school teachers becoming 21st century educators helping children to become life-long learners. With about 25,000 children in India and still counting to reach about 150,000 by 2015 who are on their path to being equipped to succeed beyond school, the impact of Creya program is truly astonishing not just in numbers but the individuals who will be autonomous learners, geared to be the makers, thinkers, tinkerers and innovators of the future.

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Creya XEL Program, Creya Summer of Discovery, Creya Ignited Minds Challenge

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