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Cserve Corporate Services

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Website : www.cservecorp.net

Founders :

Mr. Chetanya Singh

Founded : 2013

Description :

Cserve Corporate Services is one of the leading company in corporate services and business solutions. This is Only company which is providing different services on one platform which is known as Cserve. Cserve Corporate Services is led by Mr. Chetanya Singh, who is the Founder and CEO of the company.

He is the chairman of group and spearheads the growth of the company. With his involvement in the day-to-day operations, and an urge to challenge conventional methods.

As Per Mr. Singh âWe do our business on the basis of Trust & Commitment, Quality what we deliver and Innovation in Techniques of Business & Strategiesâ.

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Products :

-Our Portfolio-

Cserve Web tech solutions

Cserve Import & Export

Cserve HR Services

Cserve Marketing Services

Cserve Social Media

Cserve Magnetic Ideas

Cserve Business Solutions


Funding :

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