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Website : www.eypcreations.com

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Nikhil Dwivedi

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Since EYP Creations' inception, the team at EYP Creations has aimed at moving away from the path of conventional approach of brand activation & event promotions & Media to a new path of experimentation and innovation. Our mission at EYP Creations is simple â providing innovative service, creative solutions & definate outcome to our clients. We consider our projects as our babies and nurture them with utmost care and responsibility, provide strategized platforms for a flexible youth, and launch them with an identity, which separates them from the rest. Our modus operandi is a holistic combination of creativity and cognition, which offers a better communication of our clients.
Driven by passion and motivated by our philosophy, we are committed to create long lasting business experiences. Our young team is committed to align and transform your business goals into focused market building strategies and above all providing a structured approach to achieve tangible results.
EYP Creations is a start-up which works to create brand & existence through brand activation, event promotions & media. Brand activation is further done by completely analysing the brand itself and later building newer strategies to be implemented to create a market out of niche.
Also, our tool Branding adds value to this domain of ours as it helps solving the problems for individuals/organisations who spend money in creating impact for their products and will also help the clients to invest money at the right place and at the right time. It will give an effective database & information so that the company can make the best investment plans for their branding & marketing. The tool will have a complete database of the events & activities happening across the globe so as to match the requirements of the companies & the events/activities happening & can get the best branding, promotions, marketing, publicity & business.

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