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Website :

Founders :

Satyajit Thakur

Ashish Niraj

Rishi Kothari

Founded : 2012

Description :

The idea is
1. Help students take a informed decision about their career.
2. Look at possible paths to reach to their Goal (If plan A fails there are 23 more plans)
3. Create a community around this selected path (Same Goal Community)

Business / Revenue idea -

I believe coaching classes and institutes would pay to reach to this "same goal community"
1. Coaching classes - leads
2. Online Content
3. Admission Assistance to Colleges
4. Ads and Mailers

Current state
1. Tied up with a group of institute in Solapur - they will be reaching few lac students through counseling events where they will promote EduMetis as online partner.
2. In discussion with a Mobile manufacture 'Seven' they are interested in taking EduMetis app as a pre installed app.

Current Rating : 5.0

Products :

No info found.

Funding :

Self Funded

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