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Website : www.festalbeats.com

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Himadri started his career as a freelancer in web-development, worked with USA based company Arikae and Mind Alliance. He always have the dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Currently, he is working full-time on FestalBeats and plans to see it big.

Arpita, a post graduate in computer applications, always loved to imagine and weave her own ideas. She finally met Himadri and they agreed upon developing FestalBeats. She is working hard to make FestalBeats stand out in the market.

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Description :

FestalBeats is a newly launched event outsourcing platform where vendors meet organizers.

FestalBeats is an online event marketplace which allows event organizers (read host) to post their event requirements for Birthday Party, Weddding, Corporate Event or any other event and enables vendors like caterers, decorators etc. to bid on the project. Therefore FestalBeats serves the need of both organizers and vendors. FestalBeats will allow vendors to bid on organizer's proposal, create a portfolio and to efficiently manage all events. Vendors also get update about Event Requests through mail. Through FestalBeats organizers can create event requests, invite vendors to bid on project and choose the best out of the lot.

FestalBeats is changing the way of event organizing. Now event organizing is all more fun and hassle free. Both vendors and organizers can meet virtually and make their event extravagant.

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Online Marketplace for Event Organizing

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