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Website : www.flashpackingIndia.com

Founders :

Ankit Kaushal (Founder)
Sivesh Chauhan (Head-Marketing)

Founded : 2013

Description :

Flashpacking is a term refers to the modern travelers and came out from backpacking. Flashpacking is made of two words, flash which means flashy and packing means backpacking. Flashpacking is a new advent in the tourism industry especially in India. With the rising living costs, travelers and touring enthusiasts are in search of cost-effective and more exciting traveling options. In recent times, flashpacking has emerged as a rewarding tourism option across the world.
Flashpacking India is a platform to all the travelers across the world including Indians to share their travel experience with other flashpackers and help non- flashpackers on their future travel endeavours. Besides this, flashpacking India also make exclusive tour according to individual need keeping in mind to restore the very essence of the flashpacking, our motto. Our trips aren't about running from tourist site to tourist site. They're about experiencing a land through its traditions, customs and history, its people and archaeological treasures. The concept of Flashpacking is often related to a sense of adventure and is more popular among the youths, in particular. However, we intends to cater to all age groups and both the genders, and we have flashpack traveling programs for elders, women as well as for the entire family comprising several members of distinct ages.
About FlashpackingIndia.com
FlashpackingIndia.com is a newly launched website with an objective of popularizing the concept of flashpacking in India and to serve the flashpacker community with all possible assistance. The site intends to become a one-stop destination for all international flashpackers visiting India and the domestic travelers as well. One can check a host of knowledge, information, practical tips and guidance available on the website to help plan a flashpacking trip to an exotic, calm and natural destination in India.

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Travel Photography, Nature, Culture, Adventure, Camping, Safaris, Rides, Treks and much more

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