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Mohan Kannan, Co founder, CEO
Vivek Devas, Co founder

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Gotkaam Big Data Mobility Pvt. Ltd. is an HR mobility company. Established by two eminent technology and HR enthusiasts Mohan Kannan and Vivek Devas, has changed the standard definition of job search harnessing the power of smartphones. This is designed in a way that it minimizes your efforts by eighty percent in hiring the right candidate or choosing the right job.
The Mission Statement
"Gotkaam wants to virtually connect the recruiters with job-seekers through technology and innovation. Our aim is to revolutionize the the jobs market with the power of #....."
Executive Talk
Mohan Kannan, CEO & Co-Founder at Gotkaam said, "Gotkaam is set to revolutionize the recruitment world with its ease of use and higher penetration in the market.
"In near future, skillets will substitute the resumes. We have created an excellent team to support the robust technical infrastructure behind this website," said Vivek Devas, Co-founder at Gotkaam.
Gotkaam for recruiters
Access to wide range of skillets on Mobile Application Development
Technology gives easy and apt search on right candidates
Saves time in getting the right skillet required for the job
Candidate search wherever you go; all you need is an Android or IOS phone
Gotkaam gives access for recruiters to chat with the candidate
Postings: Posting can be done on the move
Recruiters can connect with job seekers by call & email (optional)
Gotkaam for job-seekers
Job-seekers need to type the skills in 140 characters with hash (#) tags
Updating skills can be done on the run by just sending an sms
Job-seekers can easily sign up with their mobile number & nick name
Utmost Privacy to job-seeker
chat on his phone with the recruiters clicking his skillets
Job-seekers receive jobs posted by recruiters by sms on their phone
No Charges: Job-seekes can download it free from the Google play store.
Technology: Gotkaam technology works both with both Android & IOS phones.

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Mobile App for Recruiters & Jobseekers

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