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Website : www.gozocabs.com

Founders :

Ranjot Singh: Co-founder, Director - Previously worked in Investment banking department for UBS and consultancy in sales and marketing for ZS Associates.
Vivek Tiwari: Co-founder, Director - previously worked in i2 technologies and startup named Bravo-Lucy in Hyderabad.

Founded : 2012

Description :

Gozo means delight and joy! And travelling with gozocabs we make sure that our customers get delighted. We aim to ease and organize the inter-city cab travel. We are NOT only a Cab provider, but Service provider.

Gozo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was established in Dec 2012 with the primary aim to organize the inter-city or long-distance cab industry through use of technology to make the system more efficient and user-friendly. Gozocabs was started with an innovative offering to enter the inter-city or long-distance car rental market by offering One-Way cabs. This is a special and a first of its kind service, wherein people don’t have to pay for the return journey, if they only want to travel one way from one city to other. Conventionally, the cab vendors charge for both ways regardless of whether customer wants just a drop or want to come back as well in the cab. Their reasoning being that the cab will come back empty. With one-way cabs, this problem gets solved. One-way customers served by Gozocabs typically pay about 30-50% less than that charged by conventional vendors. Gozocabs have tie-ups with multiple cab vendors in different cities, who are already providing one-way cabs at a very small scale. With an aim to launch such this service on a nation-wide scale, Gozocabs started with Delhi-Chandigarh route, and over a span of 1 year, have expanded to over 15 cities, in the Jaipur, Shimla, Manali, Ludhiana, Dehradun area, etc. Today, Gozocabs also offers the conventional 2-way or return/tour cabs, where in customers keep the cab for a fixed number of days, and local tour cabs on a daily basis.

A customer booking an intercity cab has these things in his/her mind: - Need to talk to at least 3-4 operators and get the one with the best price. - Will that operator provide good service? Will the cab be in good condition? - Will the driver be well behaved and drive carefully? We make sure all these become irrelevant.

Current Rating : 6.0

Products :

SERVICES OFFERED ONE WAY CAB SERVICE: For the first time in India, we have started a service known as ONE WAY CAB SERVICE. Currently we operate on Delhi - Chandigarh, Delhi - Shimla, Delhi - Manali, Chandigarh - Shimla, Chandigarh to Manali and Delhi - Jaipur route, offering a new kind of service - ONE WAY CABS.

A customer who only needs to travel one side does not need to pay the return fare that is normally charged. The savings for customers range from 20% to 45% per trip.

Funding :

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