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Hedge Square

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Website : www.hedge-square.com

Founders :

Hemant Shah

Founded : 2011

Description :

The team at Hedge-Square Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. believes in creating the perfect scenario for businesses to start & thrive in whichever area innovative business ideas take you. It manages all the compliances that businesses would need to gain a foothold in any country or domestic region. Hedge-Square simply becomes your backend operations team for many tasks and act as captive unit. Services ranges from set-up, assistance in global expansion, back end operations and compliances to name a few.

In cross border business collaborations with multiple service providers, Companies goes through an adjustment period while understanding each other's work ethic, spending laborious hours, researching or cross checking costing & clauses. Hedge Square provides a one stop solution when it comes to managing all your services under one roof letting you innovate without the hassle of backend management.

Company which started in end of 2011 is working with almost 35 clients including of Omron Automation, Motilal Oswal, Alkem Pharmaceuticals, A M S Inform, Prism Informatics and also serving many startups. By starting with mere 100 Sq. Ft office at Fort, the Company at present is close to achieving revenue of Rs. 45 Lacs in this fiscal and projecting revenue of Rs. 2 to 3 Crore in coming Fiscal. The Company is already in talk for some business collaborations.

Transitioning into an independent business owner compelled the 26 year old, Founder & CEO, Hemant Shah to put his doctoral thesis on hold, although in the last 2 years he has placed Hedge-Square into a niche sector where businesses that are smart enough to detangle from the never ending processes of compliance issues are outsourcing their operations to maximize the turnaround time for a project.
Hedge-Square has its own vendor network network in nearly 40 countries including UK, USA, South Africa and Singapore where they handle various geography specific sectors Setup and overall Business Development.

Moving into the digital realm this year, Hedge-Square has increased its potential to match a power house of services through technology by building the Online Business Management Platform. This technology will let global businesses collaborate with Individuals or SMEs on a single project based cloud platform.

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Products :

Consulting & Outsourcing

Funding :

self funding and funding from friends

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