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Anshini Jhaveri
Dhruvi Dharia
Jugal Choksi
Vamil Sangoi

Founded : 2014

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As a bunch of engineers, we do what we are best at, make things simple. InternUp is an effort to bring together students and employers and ensure that each party benefits from the other in the most convenient and productive way possible.

For a student,a degree is more of a price than priceless, unless it is adorned by experience-enriching internships. You donât want to come out of your job interview clueless as to why you dint nail it even though you knew your syllabus A to Z. This is why we provide you access to a variety of student-credit opportunities (paid/unpaid internships, volunteering at NGOs, virtual jobs etc.) that will ensure that you will cultivate the right amount of experience and the ethics of hard work, responsibility, discipline and of course the cool notion of âbeing at workâ ;)

As an employer, you will find yourself in a pool of competent talent, that we will be filtered according to your needs, so that you can locate qualified and satisfying workforce, quickly and efficiently. You will never have to look back and say âI wish I hadâ, but rather âIâm glad I did.â We guarantee that.

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