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Kerala Bicycle Trips

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Website : www.keralabicycletrips.com

Founders :

A Thomas Polachirackal

Founded : 2013

Description :

Kerala used to be the 2 months of summer holidays when rose apples, guavas, ducks, goats and cousins played a part of my daily itinerary. They were days different from the busy world in Bangalore when school, tuitions and books ruled the cards. No place like home (Kerala) gave the best sweet like paal-payasam, best fruits like rambutan, best tastes like a duck fry and best experiences like the Palli- perunal. Where else could you get your Ammachy to give you a great massage with pure coconut oil, where else could you get smoked fish fry and where else could you get to climb the cocoa tree in search of ripe cocoa pods.These and much more have played a deep bonding in my love for Kerala and a yearning to be out and experience the country-side.

A bi-cycle like any other kid was my favorite time-pass as well. Tuitions, loafing and flirting were a part and parcel of the same. It was a single-speed (gear-less) in the beginning which helped me be that much more fit and happy. Geared bi-cycles were seldom seen, they were rare and expensive but quick and impressive. I yearned to have one for quite sometime. Sooner although later, when friends at work took loans to buy their first motor-bike here was a bi-cycle lover opting to take a loan to buy his first multi-speed bi-cycle. Of course it created a hue and cry around. And yes, I enjoyed the "hoop-l" all the more. There has been no stopping since and the bi-cycle has changed the way people see me and indeed helped me enjoy our beautiful land in peace and harmony.

Doesn't it take more than words to explain the boat races in Champakulam, flooding canals of Pindimana, the birds' chirp of Thattekad, the trees of Neriamangalam, the hillocs of Devikulam, tea pickers in Chinnakanal, spices in Vandiperiyar, the fresh air in Kattapana, wildlife in Thekkady, plantations in Peermade, rubber trees of Teekoy, rolling hills of Vagamon, paddy-fields of Kuttanad, coir factories at Muhamma, fisher folk at Azheekal, elephants at Guruvayoor, Chinese nets of Kochi, monuments at Kodungaloor, estates of Konni, butterflies in Thenmala and yoga in Aranmula.

Do all this on a bi-cycle and be sure to feel and see a different Kerala, a Kerala that's rustic, pure and real. Get personal and talk to the fisherman, wave out to women making lunch on an open fire, take pictures with tea pickers, dine with planters, get tips from Ayurveda specialists, fascinate your senses with the aroma of fresh spices, search the wild for rare species, make your own blend of tea, learn coir making from locals in their make-shift tents, enjoy the fragrance of the eucalyptus and play in the warm surf and sand.

For similar experiences "Kerala Bicycle Trips" offers you a holiday that's not only amazing but enchanting and enthralling as well.

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Cycling Holidays in Kerala. Day and Long Trips.

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