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Lets Ride

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Website : www.letsride.in

Founders :

-- Rajkumar Mundel : Done B.E from AIT College Pune. Followed by IT Software development experience in Infosys and Oracle Financial Software Services.
-- Praveen Mane : Done B.E from AIT College Pune. Followed by IT Software development experience in Infosys and Persisten System Ltd.
-- Averi Pal Choudhuri : B.E. from RKNEC, Nagpur. Four years of IT experience as a Consultant in HSBC GLT and Oracle Financial Software Services.

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Description :

We would like to present to you about our Ridesharing Social Platform [http://letsride.in] for a better tomorrow.
Let's Ride is a mini social platform for ridesharing. As its motto is to Connect - Commute - Change.
It gives the chance to the users to first get connected to others. This further makes the commuting easier as users know each other to some extent
through the social platform. Not just user saves money, the contribution is made towards saving fuel energy, reducing carbon footprint and thereby
making this place greener.

We have taken an oath to free flowing traffic, and a target of doubling ridesharing in India.
In many metropolitan areas, doubling ridesharing would eliminate the most serious traffic congestion.

Feature :-

Old way signup + Social Login ( FB , Twitter, LinkedIn).
Update daily commute details - i.e User equivalent to Daily Commute Route.
Search rides i.e users. Eg. - "Aundh to Kharadi Pune" or "Aundh to Kharadi 10:30 am".
Post one time rides on your wall.
Follow people from your area. Eg. - Search "Aundh" and follow people to make your own ridesharing circle
Send private / public message to user.
Share ride stories with photos so that other can motivated for ridesharing or carpooing.
Last but not least , we are creating Ridesharing Community where people can find each other for better commute.

We are creating ridesharing community.

Update daily commute details Like

Looking for ride from X to Y. Start Time: 10:00 AM, Return Time: 06:30 PM
#CityName #CompanyName #NoSmoking #Music
Sharing a ride from Cambridge to Boston. Start Time: 10:00 AM, Return Time: 06:30 PM
#CityName #CompanyName #NoSmoking #Music

How to Search
X_Location 10:00 AM and you u will get list people/ride who leave at 10:00 AM from X_Locations

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Products :

Ridesharing community

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