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Lost Beat

  • Lost Beat aims to establish a platform for musicians to stage their talent and connect to their fans. Primary focus of Lost Beat is

Website : www.lostbeatlive.com

Founders :

Abhay Pruthi
Akshay Pruthi
Ashish Goel

Founded : 2012

Description :

Lost Beat works on the concept of Musical Networking. The idea is to provide space for people to share music, stay connected and to promote their talent at the same place. We aim to build a network of people associated with music. By this, we not only refer to people who associate themselves with Music professionally, but also to the wider band of people who associate with Music as a mode of entertainment.

This network functions at various levels. First, It connects musicians to their audiences directly. So you upload your work online and get a first-hand feedback. Second, it connects amateur musicians to the experienced ones. You may always expect a word of advise on your post. Third, with so much music around, musicians can keep themselves motivated. Next, the website will provide an option of forming bands in their next phase. Artists can then look for people with similar interests and with pieces of their work online, it is very easy to get together.

Current Rating : 8.0

Products :

1. Beatbox
2. Dedicate a song
3. What's your mood today

Funding :

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