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MoJOY (Moments of JOY)

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Founded : 2014

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I bet you’ve noticed the absolutely irritating ads that keep popping up on your screen while playing on your mobile? These ads, even though might be absolutely frustrating for you, but it’s the source of revenue for app developers and supports the development of these many games. This is exactly where Bangalore based MoJOY comes into the picture.

MoJOY is a reward network that offers real rewards for virtual in-app achievements. MoJOY has created a platform where developers, brands and users come together and can extract benefits from each other without pissing off anyone.

Developers need revenue, brands need customer attention and the users want to enjoy the apps for free. So it’s a win-win deal for everyone!

As the name suggests, MoJOY is here to spread moments of joy to all those users who love to battle it out in the virtual world. That’s right! Playing games and winning real world rewards, that’s what MoJOY brings to you. For example, if a user achieves the desired target in a game, he might end up winning a free cup of coffee or a discount coupon.

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Mobile ad network, Mobile marketing, Mobile advertising.

Funding :

We are on the lookout for funding to fuel our marketing and is also in talks with many Venture Capital firms.

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