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Akshay Gupta.
Aishwarya Tandon.

Founded : 2014

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Have you ever had an extraordinary business idea strike you, only to vanish in the end because you have no clue on how to take it forward?

It is extremely hard for someone starting a new venture to know and have the exact resources required to shape 'THE IDEA' into a fully functional, money making business and subsequently running it. As you start your company, you will face many glitches and set-backs, and the journey to bring your idea to life is very distinct from the theory that surrounds it.

Mydea is a start-up developer created to serve the aspiring entrepreneur in you.

We aim to find the scope of building start-ups around innovative ideas and have the enterprising facilities to streamline your idea by going through the challenging process of analyzing, strategizing, organizing and executing. Thus, we eliminate the learning curve in start-ups, reducing the risk of failure to zero.

Mydea helps you commercialize your idea in such a way that it yields what you could never imagine.

Remember, every idea is a seed of gold. Sow it now and let it grow.

Current Rating : 7.5

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Startup/Idea development

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