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Founders :

Manu Jain (Founder)
Ankit Gupta (Founder)
Ayush Jain (Founder)
Devendra Sharma (Founder)
Mukesh Kumar (Founder)
Pranay Agrawal (Founder)
Suprabhat Sen (Founder)

Founded : 2011

Description :

21st Century is all about sharing Knowledge and Pass Karado work on same belief. Pass Karado is an open forum to share academic material. Anyone can come and upload and download his/her academic material. The website primarily focuses on reducing information asymmetry and commercialization prevalent in Indian Education System especially in Universities, Colleges and Examinations.  Pass Karado also covers Company Reviews, Internship Reviews and highlights upcoming conferences in India.

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Products :

1. Academic Material: Pass Karado has almost covered all academic material of
MNIT, B.Tech-RTU, MBA-RTU, RPSC 3rd Grade Teachers Exam.
MNIT, RTU (B.Tech and MBA): Previous Year question papers and class-notes.
Covering more than 150 colleges of Rajasthan and affecting more than 2 lacs
RPSC 3rd Grade Teachers Exam: For the 1st time on internet, the notes for RPSC
exams have been uploaded. This section was uncovered until now

2. Company Reviews: There prevail many doubts among students while
encountering for the companyís placement procedure. Whether the working
environment is good or not? Is the salary structure shown is the real one or are
there man hidden things in it? What type of work the company actually does?
What are the future career and switch over options after 2 years of joining? . We
created a platform where we will be telling the employees of different companies
to write the company review of the company in which they are working as it will
help the students from all over India to get the detailed analysis of the company
before joining it .

3. Internship Review: There exist many website on internet which provides list
of companies providing internship but there is no website which provides the
reviews of it according to Indian Culture. As getting internship is not the only
thing. There are problems like accommodations, working environment etc.
Moreover esteemed institutes/ company donít have any openings for internship.
There are set procedures for it. We have asked students to write the review of
the company/institute from where they did their internship and explaining the
procedure for applying, for stipend, for accommodations etc.

4. Upcoming Conferences: Many times there are good researches done at
college level by engineering students. For them we have upcoming conferences.
Students/ scholars can get to know about the upcoming conference and can
present their research paper in it.

5. Winners Psychology: It is said that the rather than doing different things,
winners always do the things differently. We created a section where we invite
toppers of various exams to write their winning strategy, so that it may help the

upcoming aspirants.

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