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T P Pavan Kumar

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PegTweets is a Twitter client with an innovative feature to bring interactivity with your Followers. The App has Klout integration, trending #tags and other enhanced features to understand and improve your social network.

Other twitter clients do not give you an option to seek the opinion or feedback of Followers on your tweets. Also, the social influence of your Followers or those whom you are Following is not integrated with the client. The tweeting is an one way affair, with limited visibility or engagement with the Followers. Though these clients provide option of direct message(@), it is rarely used by the Followers to respond to a tweet, as it is not contextual.

PegTweets twitter client innovates to bridge this gap and to bring interactivity into play. By sending an Interactive Tweet, you can seek the opinion or feedback of your Followers. The analytics tool provides graphical summary of Follower responses with an option to read their individual comments. Finally, the graphical summary can be shared with your social network as a new tweet, on the facebook or by email. This feature of the App is very relevant for celebrities, companies and individuals with large Following to interact and engage their Followers.

PegTweets has also identified another significant gap with the current twitter clients. None of these apps effectively integrate the social influence of the Followers or those being Followed. Klout is the leader in rating social influence and PegTweets integrates it into tweets & profiles to bring visibility on influence of your social network. Additionally, it provides information on your social network about the topics and influencers, enabling you to enhance the engagement and interact effectively.

PegTweets App is released in July, 2013 on IOS platform. This free app, with limited marketing budget has received good reviews and has over 2000 users. It is ranked among the top 50 free IOS social network apps in Egypt and has regular downloads from Saudi Arabia, the fastest growing markets of Twitter. New enhancements are being planned to targeting the interaction and engagements between tweets and their Followers. The android version of the app is under development and is scheduled for release by June, 2014.

PegTweets App is summarised in the below video available on youtube:

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