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Pradeep Jain

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There is rising trend of services being home-delivered. We end up meeting many strangers every-day. There is an anxiety associated with meeting a stranger. Already cases have been reported in press where burglars have impersonated delivery agent and committed crimes.
PHOTO-ID is simple solution to protect customers against risks involved with strangers who deliver goods and services to their homes. It can also be used for taxi/cab service providers to protect the customers.
People are increasingly using cabs/taxis and home delivery services where customers have to come face to face with strangers. Many crimes have been reported where burglars have dressed as delivery personnel and have robbed houses. PhotoID provides the consumers with security from these strangers.

How does the Photo ID platform work?
High level steps are covered in "How it works" on the website.
For your service/delivery requests, your organization can send a SMS to your customers, before your service/delivery agent reaches your customer. Using the mobile device, your customers can click on the link sent and check PHOTO-ID of agent, service details, feedback-link and relevant promotions.

What are the benefits your user/customer can get while using photo id?
-Enable safe & secure delivery of products/services
-Secure and strengthen brand value
-Provide up-selling/cross-selling business opportunities

How does it work?
SIGNUP : Setting up the user name and password for signing up new prospects
CREATING NEW ACCOUNT : Creation of new accounts and providing with complete company information.
CREATE AGENTS : Click Agent Photo, Name and Contact so as to create the database of agents been taken into account by the company.
SEND PHOTO-ID : In this process, we fetch the agent’s name and contact number and other from the database and adding customer phone and ID.
CUSTOMER CHECK PHOTO-ID & give FEEDBACK : Now this process involves the checking of the agents PHOTO-ID been enlisted to deliver and then giving feedback based on the agent been sent.
TRACK CUSTOMER RESPONSE : Here the dashboard shows the real time feedback from the customers.
DATA Analytics : This last stage determines the quality of the feedback of the customers been sent and also the performance of the agents upon whom the work was been entitled upon.

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Security services for home delivery service providers, courier services, cab services, etc.

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