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Founders :

Easwaran S (COO)
Shiva Prasad (CIO & Co Founder)
Shivadhar Soma (CEO & Co Founder)

Founded : 2012

Description :

PlanMyDay is a Hyderabad based organisation that offers Remote Secretary Services to Corporate, SME & Professionals in Hyderabad. We are trying to address a real need in the market that's not been answered by anyone for quite some time. We are in the business of 'Adding Time to People's Lives.'
We assign a Remote Secretary to our customers who in turn could delegate their less important or mundane jobs to them. Our customers can avail Personal or Executive Assistance from their Remote Secretaries. The Remote Secretary works and completes their jobs on their behalf. Time saved is time added to our clients' lives.

With our runner boys to manage your errands or other field work, you could even relax at your home or office and gets things done on the fly.
We have built a strong back-end support system to ensure we offer quality service to all our clients, every single time. Professional and prompt is what we want to be.

Corporate Honchos, Owners of SME companies, Entrepreneurs and busy Professionals can now look at PlanMyDay services and start focussing on their core business rather than spending time on less important tasks.

Current Rating : 9.0

Products :

Contact Management/ Calendar/ Errands/Reminders/ Reservations/ Navigation Assistance/ Appointments/ Answering Machine / Bill Pay

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