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Website : www.pollfish.com

Founders :

John Papadakis
Andreas Vourkos
Giannis Zaoudis
Zissis Bellas

Founded : 2013

Description :

Pollfish is a platform that delivers surveys through existing mobile apps. With Pollfish anyone can login to the website create a survey, select target audience and then relax while getting the results in real time.

Pollfish distributes surveys by partnering with mobile app developers who integrate Pollfish SDK in order to monetize their apps. Users of the apps respond to surveys in order to get into a draw for a prize.

Pollfish has reached 12,000,000 mobile users on the platform in a few months and partnered with hundred of mobile apps from all over the world.

Current Rating : 0.0

Products :

A DIY survey service, where anyone logins to the website, creates a survey, selects targeting audience and then start receiving results real time in a cost effective way.

A drag and drop SDK for Android and iOS that introduces a new monetization option for mobile app developers. Pollfish offers minimal intrusion and high payouts.

Funding :


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