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Website :

Founders :

Vivek Bhalavat : Business Development
Ankur Patel : CTO
Niraj Suthar : Sales Manager Retail
Santosh Sonwane : Regional Manager
Manish Patel : Sales Manager Enterprise
Jaya Nair : Accounts

Founded : 2012

Description :

Volga eServices Pvt. Ltd. started with the focus on Cloud technology. Based out in Ahmedabad, the company received the seed funding from Volga Group and a private investor. Taking things further, the company started with their primary product called SafeCloud and then adding another product called SafeDocs.

SafeCloud is the first company from India offering a cloud based Backup, Storage and Sharing Solution. The system includes Remote File Server, Email Server, Data Backup System, FTP Server & Web Server, etc. Almost all businesses need such a "Basic IT System". SafeCloud service mainly targets small to medium businesses. Many small to medium businesses don't have the budget and expertise to setup a secure reliable IT system. By utilizing SafeCloud cloud-based service, small businesses can easily setup and manage a high-end IT system, dramatically lower IT cost while achieving increased productivity without changing their current business applications.

SafeCloud service is designed to be very scalable. A group account administrator can create more group administrators, sub-group administrators, regular users and guest users. Using our group administration tool, a company can easily create 10,000 users! SafeCloud system is capable of supporting hundreds of thousands of files and terabytes of data with superior convenience, security and reliability.

SafeCloud is having 70% paid customer on their site, which makes them one of the most revenues focused product into the market. Then comes the complimenting product from Volga eServices Pvt. Ltd. called SafeDocs. SafeDocs is yet to be officially launched and is planned to be in market by July 2013. SafeDocs is an accreditation and verification system. It is a one of the kind system which is again a market mover and industry first in its domain.

SafeDocs is taking the document verification on more faster, secure and authenticate platform. With this service, customer will be able to check the authenticity of the document in real time. It will reduce frauds, and malpractice that happens in mostly all verticals.
Initially, SafeDocs will be authenticating the educational certificates and then it will be in process of verifying any/all kind of documents like personal documents, HR documents, accounting documents, membership documents etc.

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Products :

SafeCloud: It's a cloud based Backup, Storage and Sharing Solution which includes Remote File Server, Email Server, Data Backup System, FTP Server & Web Server.

SafeDocs: It's a cloud based document accreditation and verification system that checks the credibility in real time for faster, secure, and authenticate verification.

Funding :

Seed funding from Volga Group and a private investor

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