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Founded : 2014

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We wanted to make convenient for busy parents who really wished that their kids should get to learn and engage in art,craft,fun and educational things rather than playing video games and doing nothing. Its tough to find time to do all the research to come with fun and engaging activities let alone go to all the different store to get the all the material.

And that's why we created small wonder box! each month with a new themed based art ,craft ,fun and educational activities delivered to your doorsteps with all the material required for the activities.

Small wonder box saves the trouble of busy parents running around to toy shops or craft shops to get different interactive activities. small wonder box provides a wide variety of games and activities all in a box. The components inside the box are also carefully selected to educate children and provide them with as much fun as possible with each month a new theme. The activities are also structured in a way that parents could get involved and participate in the activities alongside their children. This creates a cherished bonding session between parents and kids. If you find yourself looking for creative activities to do with your kids (and who doesnât)⦠we have the answer small wonder box. Who doesnât love a little craft inspiration â especially when the idea, materials, instructions and everything you need is delivered to your door!

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Whats Inside
In every small wonder box,

you'll receive all the materials and inspiration,instruction for projects related to a theme such as bird,jungle safari,and many more.
Projects may include arts and crafts, science activities, imaginative play and more.
We've specially selected and tested projects that are open ended and encourage curiosity

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