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Randy dela Fuente

Founded : 2014

Description :

The Fastest Way to Sort Images...Guaranteed.

Snapizzi is all about saving time and making more money for Professional Photographers. We can save the average photographer 12 hours of time for only $39!

Using just a business card, and powered by patented barcode and tagging technology, Snapizzi enables photographers to quickly, and automatically, match customers to their photos. Rather than the time consuming methods that they are currently using, Snapizzi fully automates image sorting for today's Professional Photographer.

Our patented software generates all the uniquely coded cards you need. You can then print them yourself or use our printing partner for fulfillment. It's your choice. You pay nothing to Snapizzi other than your monthly subscription.

All you have to do is simply photograph a card before taking the photographs of your subjects and then give them that card. Afterwards, just upload your images to your Zenfolio account and Snapizzi does the rest. All your customers have to do is enter in the number from the card they were given to quickly and easily find and order their images on your beautifully designed and branded website. (Snapizzi will soon be available on many of today's most popular photography e-commerce platforms but is currently available exclusively on Zenfolio)

That means more time for you to shoot and grow your business, and less time dealing with all the mind-numbing administration stuff.

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Snapizzi's solution completely automates post production workflow and enable photographers to truly shoot, upload, and sell.

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