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Social Tota

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Ashish Soni, Pritam Kumari, Rakesh Kumar

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Towards the end of the first decade of the 21st century, the amount of information on the web started growing at an exponential pace. It was during this period that people coined the phrase big-data explosion. It is no secret that most of this information was and is being generated by internet users and is scattered on the Social Media. There are lot of insights hidden within this high volume of data that continues to expand at a very high velocity. But for a common man it is not easy to extract and understand these insights. The primary reason is that most part of the big-data is unstructured and there is high amount of variation within this huge dataset.

This is the main story behind Social Tota and this is the reason why Social Tota was designed, developed and deployed. In principle, Social Tota aggregates, processes and extracts insights from the vast amount of data on the social media. The aim of Social Tota is to help the common man in making optimal choices and better decisions, using these insights. Social Tota is a Social Media Prediction Engine that is trained and specialized in aggregating and processing user generated content, from across the social media, into useful insights. At present, we monitor 20+ social media properties including: Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, YouTube, Digg, and Google.

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Social Media Sentiment Analysis, Social Data Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, Opinion Analysis.

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This is completely a bootstrapped start-up.

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