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Study India

  • Study India, Study, India, College, Notes, Solutions,Study India, Study, India, College, Notes, Solutions'

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Dhananjay Goel
Anmol Gupta
Palash Nag
Sidhant Goyal

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Study India is a cloud-based, all-inclusive, green college education platform that caters to the needs of students aspiring to, or currently gaining, a college education.

The idea is to bring Young India onto a common platform by being a comprehensive provider of solutions in all matters that concern college life, whether academic or extra-curricular. Be it through class notes, student blogs, information on campus events, online lecture videos, or a discussion forum to ask doubts, the site aims to combine various aspects of college life, all in one place to simplify the lives of college aspirants and students.

Through the medium of our website, we encourage a community-learning atmosphere representative of a real college experience for everyone on the Internet. We currently have a repository of over 1,800 college course notes and question papers accessible to all our users absolutely free of cost. We have helped save over 100,000+ pieces of paper amongst over 3,000 students over the past 9 months by nullifying the need to photocopy study material.

We have also delved into the world of app development, designing event apps for the IIT Delhi and Delhi University College Fest Circuits. We are in the process of developing mobile applications truly customized for the Indian college going/aspiring youth, making it easier for them to learn.

Study India is essentially an attempt to create a more engaging classroom experience between the students and the teacher, where neither has to worry about transmitting their knowledge through the written medium.
Another one of its essential functions is to help solve the Big Data Problem. Tremendous amounts of college education data is either painstakingly recycled both by students and professors alike or is lost forever. By being a comprehensive education platform and notes repository, a place where one gets not just OCRed class notes but also links to affiliated books, lecture videos, online reading material, etc.; Study India helps preserve, analyze, and present in an organized, easily accessible manner valuable data that can be of great importance to future generations.

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Website offering scanned copies of class notes from 1800+ courses from over 60 disciplines taught in colleges across the nation.

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