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Website : www.testvita.com

Founders :

Ramesh has worked in silicon valley startups for over 15 years. Specialises on building highly scalable applications.

Amrudesh has worked in DRDO and and Aerospace MNC for 11 years and has spent time on part time teaching

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Description :

TestVita is an online test delivery platform with focus on

1. Ease of getting started
2. Intelligence to aid trainers
3. Detailed Analytics
4. Social nature
5. High Scalability

We believe that creating questions and delivering tests need to be efficient and the system should intelligently aid the trainer and also importantly, help in decision making. That is where detailed analytics for student and trainers comes into play.

The high scalability helps us bring intelligent and powerful test delivery to you and a much larger population which today does not use the power of online tests while also recognising that learning is a social process with collaboration among students.

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Products :

Free platform for students to create, share and take public tests

Own online test website for Business users with their own branding to deliver private tests to own students / sell via e-commerce

Funding :

Self funded

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