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Harsh Jalan,

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Description :

Raasta is the simplest and fastest way of sharing your location with some one in real time with a route map. Do not require to sign up or give us any personal data, only name. We believe it will revolutionise the way people share their address. For better privacy, we allow you to select the duration you want to share your location with the traveller. For efficient time management you can also track the traveller coming towards you, when its mutually agreed by both parties. Best of all, the traveller/recipient does not require any software or application to view the Raasta. You can send Raasta by sms or email, the recipient can view it using any web enabled device. We believe that every person is a brand and the whole experience of someone travelling towards you should be smooth and easy, Raasta enables that.

Features :
Simple : no need of any sign up or procedures.
Informative : track the traveller in real time for efficient time management
Share Universally : Recipient does not require Raasta, it can be opened with any web enable device.
Safe : Raasta expires at chosen time.
Save Battery: It does not run in the background, saving considerable amount of battery.
Liberty : Both parties can decide if they want the tracker to be ON or OFF

Uses Of Raasta :

Invite friends, family and home delivery personnel to your location
Track you loved ones late in the night or when they are cycling or trekking
Find friends at a theme park or concert.
Provide direction to your client before meeting
Direct emergency personnel to your location quickly.
Each one will find their own personal usage with this awesome application

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Products :

Location sharing

Funding :

Self Funded - Rs.4,00,000/-

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