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The Curriculum Company

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Founders :

Ujjwal Singh (Founder and CEO)

Founded : 2012

Description :

The Curriculum Company (TCC) is an innovator in the K-12 education space. Close to 10000 children and over 500 teachers are benefiting from TCCâs research based curriculum. TCC uses inventive strategies to create solutions that integrate print along with technology to build 21st century skills in all children empowering them to become lifelong learners. The Curriculum Companyâs unique hallmark is its revolutionary tablet-based school solutions platform, which is built with the singular goal of making thinking visible inside classrooms of India and beyond.

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Products :

Think21 - The Curriculum Company's (TTC) Think21 programme comprises research-based print materials for the K-12 classroom. Built on a unique 4-step learning
method supported by Bloom's taxonomy, the
Think21 programme combines interactive content with assessment frameworks aligned to CCE
(continuous and comprehensive evaluation)
making teaching and learning more effective.
Thinak4All - Its TCC's way to help schools in Trier 2 cities of rural areas to get the same quality education as metro cities.
ThinkTab- ThinkTab is The Curriculum Company's ground breaking
Tablet-based learning and teaching device for the K-12
classroom. ThinkTab enables T-Learning and improves
teaching and learning efficiency in the classroom. This truly
empowers both teacher and child creating an environment
for 21st century learning in the school and at home.

Funding :

Indus Balaji Private Equity

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