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Website : www.trendspotters.tv

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Kunal Kishore

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www.trendspotters.tv, is India’s first trendspotting network that is devoted towards bringing out the soon-going-to-be-famous (or cool) trends from every nook and corner from across the country. The young masterminds who work as very well networked “trendspotters” round the clock discover these trends. Amongst a handpicked group of trend-savvy 18-35 year old trendspotters who are the early adopters of new trends focus on discovering the next big thing, which they term as “micro-trends”.

Apart from having a foothold in the online digital media platform, www.trendspotters.tv also holds association with all types of social networking web spaces that exist through the worldwide web. Find out more by simply logging on to www.trendspotters.tv.
India’s first online digital channel, Trendspotters.tv, has been launched on the iOS app store. You can now stay in the know of all that is trending around you on your Apple devices wherever and whenever you choose. The iOS app lets you catch up with all the action in the worlds of fashion, entertainment and lifestyle. You can also share interesting news and trends that appeal to you with your networks on popular social networking sites like Facebook, twitter etc. through this app.

Trendspotters.tv creates content by identifying trends across genres like entertainment, fashion and music. These short and snappy stories in the form of videos are then disseminated online through its website as well as YouTube. The USP of the channel is the fact that the content generated is not available on mainstream media and is therefore unique in nature while being topical. It is meant for viewers who are generally pressed for time and like to catch their daily dose of what’s new in the world while on the move.

Kunal Kishore Sinha Founder, www.trendspotters.tv, elaborated, “While our Android app has been successfully able to penetrate the tablet, smartphone and online platforms, our iOS app will now enable users of Mac devices like iPads, iPods and iPhones to easily access our content. With this app, we are now confident of reaching out to the mobile generation of today more comprehensively. The app ensures that they can follow all the micro trends that are becoming the talk of the town easily and stay updated always.”

The app also promotes enhanced user engagement as it allows the viewer to connect with Facebook and Twitter friends via the Trendspotters.tv page. The app is push notification enabled so as to alert you with new content, as soon as it hits the page online. With Trendspotters.tv gaining favourable traction since its launch so far, this app goes a step further in empowering users to stay on top of what’s hot and in vogue around them, through a platform that is quick, convenient and extremely user-friendly.
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Moible app

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