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Founders :

Sushant Pandey & Subhashish Pandey.

Sushant is a technology enthusiast and has worked with Microsoft IDC.
He is a CSE graduate from one of India's premier universities 'IIIT-Hyderabad'. He loves to look into business problems and come up with solutions that work as per requirement each time. Technology migration, business problem modeling, architecting IT system, client relation management and motivating people are his strengths.
Mr. Sushant has experience of more than 7 years and has worked both with Software giants to start-up companies there by giving him the know-hows of culture, processes, planning and execution in this varied range. He is a speaker at various technical colleges of Northern India.

Founded : 2013

Description :

We are a technology Company based in Noida-Delhi, India. Recently, we have develop a Product named " Tringgr- Video conference on the fly!".

About Product-
Product Description:
Tringgr is 'video conferencing on the fly' product which provides Video Conferences or chats, Audio only conf and chat, group or private text chat, File Transfer features as of now. Its roadmap involves video integration API release, Mobile full support,Screen Sharing, Contact Saving & chatting with your facebook contacts from within Tringgr chat.

"Tringgr" has been developed with our RTC api called TringgrRTC on top of WebRTC platform and it works on low bandwidths smoothly. Our API is due to be released for other websites to extend Live Audio\Video customer chat support.

Tringgr is intended to bring Smooth conferencing solution for Live Tutoring in eLearning, Live Product display for ecomm with product sales assistant for high value products to give that personalized touch - this would be the ultimate experience from ecommerce.

Tringgr is gain good traction and we recently got our product reviewed by top WebRTC contributors and received highly encouraging feedback. Our solution works very well in comparison to any other solution out there.

Tringgr team is working hard to get the next rollout features completed and a pilot has been arranged for Tringgr's usage in eLearning live tutoring.

It will be good for us , if our product gets acknowlegde by Your digital Startup magzine.

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Products :

Tringgr - Video conferencing solution on the fly!

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