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Website : www.unmetric.com

Founders :

Lakshmanan (Lux) Narayan
Kumar Krishnasami
Joseph Varghese

Founded : 2011

Description :

Unmetric's platform focuses on social media benchmarking for leading brands around the world. Unmetric recognizes that brands are flying blind on social media and the absence of benchmarks has been detrimental to businesses who are used to competitive benchmarking and intelligence on mass media and the internet.

Unmetric empowers marketing teams with data that was previously unavailable. Besides comparing the performance of competing brands, Unmetric also benchmarks brands against their sector and captures everything around brands Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest points of presence. This includes growth metrics and unique engagement metrics that provide insights into content strategies & performance.

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Products :

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Funding :

Nexus Venture Capital - $3,200,000
Series A

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