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Website : www.waggle.in

Founders :

Arjun Mathai and Samira Abraham

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Description :

Waggle is an online platform where dog owners can find safe and loving homes to leave their dogs in. Dogs get individual attention, care and an environment just like their home. The owners can travel in peace and their dog gets a barking holiday too!
Waggle also provides a platform for dog lovers to sign up as hosts and enjoy the company of ‘Man’s Best Friend’ while their owners travel. Hosts are verified by Waggle to ensure that they are competent to take care of dogs and have had prior experience in taking care of dogs.
Waggle was launched in February 2013 by Arjun Mathai and Samira Abraham. ‘When we had to travel in October 2012, we had no option, but to leave our dog, Zoe, with one of the boarding facilities in the city. We never liked the idea of a kennel as Zoe was not used to being caged. We were extremely unhappy with the service. The idea for Waggle came about as we wanted to find a better home for Zoe when we travelled’.

The principal objective of Waggle is to ensure that dogs get the best care when their owners have to travel. We also want to ensure that the owners can travel in peace knowing that their dogs are well looked after, in an environment just like their homes.
Dogs that are not used to being caged can be under extreme duress when boarded in professionally run kennels. Furthermore, dogs tend to pick up various infections and/or ticks and fleas when boarded with other dogs.
At Waggle, we believe that dogs are called "Man's Best Friend" for a reason. We strive to ensure that every owner can have a worry free holiday knowing that their dogs get the best care while they are away.

Waggle is the only established platform in India which offers home boarding options for dogs. Dog owners who are travelling can search on Waggle to find their perfect host. They send requests to hosts mentioning all the details about their dogs, travel dates, etc. The hosts have the convenience of accepting or declining a request based on their availability. If required, a meeting will be scheduled prior to the actual hosting to ensure that both dogs and the hosts are comfortable with each other.

At Waggle, a hassle free hosting is our dream. We hand approve each of our hosts to ensure that they have sufficient knowledge about taking care of dogs and that they have had prior experience looking after dogs. We strongly recommend a visit before the actual hosting so that both hosts and the guest dog are comfortable with each other. This also ensures that the customer is comfortable leaving their dog with the host.
We also have a 24/7 Customer Support Team that can be reached at +91.968.6677.DOG(364). Our trained support team helps each of our hosts in case there are any emergencies or unfortunate events during a hosting.
Our review system allows customer and hosts to rate and review the host and the visiting dog respectively. This benefits other customers in making a decision quickly.

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Waggle.in is like airbnb for dogs.Find loving homes to leave your dog in when you travel! Dog lovers can sign up to be hosts.

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Self Funded

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