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Whats New On The Net

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Sorab Ghaswalla

Founded : 2010

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WHAT'S NEW ON THE NET was founded in March 2010. Bring You Up To Net Speed is our website's tagline.

Be it Internet-related News, Views or the newest website, portal, blog or micro-blog, chat or search engine to have hit cyberspace, we report it all. The Site, though, will not list 'Real' World businesses that have made their transitions to the Ether. Instead, it focuses on pure Internet products. By this we mean, tools/enablers/products (and everything in between) designed solely for the betterment of the Internet community.

The site concentrates on all such software that makes the life of an average netizen that much more easier. Software in our dictionary does not mean programmes written in code that look like either they have been down-loaded straight from an alien space station or written in cipher. This site is only interested in communicating with fellow surfers; we have decided to leave the language part to the distinguished IT linguists.

At the same time, the Site is also not just another 'Listings' site. It endeavours to also educate the average Net user on the best and the most unique sites on the Net, and also how to navigate them. All this in a simple, lucid manner. So, from high-profile multi-billion dollar portals to garage operations; if it has to do with the Internet, then believe us, it will find a mention on this site. In addition, we shall soon be launching a host of other features like in-house reviews of new sites, users' reviews and sections to help you understand and use the Net like a Pro.

Along with the Startups, we will also publish News & developments that concern the digital world and Smartphone Apps, 24X7. Be it the launch of a new browser, a Search Engine or the merger of two online companies, you will find all such developments reported here.

What's New On The Net is owned by Mumbai, India based firm, New Age Content Services, LLP. The Website was founded by journalist turned Internt entrepreneur Sorab Ghaswalla.

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