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Dharmesh Mehta

Founded : 2012

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Over a million Indian engineers are struggling to get placed. Of those who do get placed, about 70% are not in the domain they would have wanted to. So where are things going wrong? One word: Education. There are about 3600 Engineering colleges in India, and a major share have either outdated subjects or an outdated curriculum. Most courses are not taught to make the students think practically, leave aside making them industry-ready.

At Yellow Cursor, we are willing to revamp the traditional methods of Engineering Education in India (and perhaps, globally). A visual and practical teaching and learning experience that takes into account real-life scenarios, latest developments and the psychologies of teachers and students inside and outside the classroom. Multimedia content, Quizzes and Assessments, Real-world Challenges, Lab Exercises, Social Projects, Case Studies, Assignments - altogether, a 360-degree development for the student in any particular subject. With an aim to breathe life into the current education system, we are living one of the most challenging entrepreneurial projects ever!

There are so many such companies out there, what's the Difference?
# Design - When the content is friendly, interactive and visual, it clicks better. Our brains and eyes put a lot of effort into picking the best examples and portraying them.
# Education is not a Business - We promote it as a Value in our culture. Deep research case-studies and brainstorming go into the processes of design and development.
# Fab Course Architects - We enjoy the company of highly learned professionals and subject experts in our inner circle - a good reason why we almost never wander off.

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Products :

1. auxiGuru
2. Power VCompiler
3. WHY
4. The C Lexicon

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