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Founders :

Prashi Agarwal (Founder Director)
Varsha Sarkar (Founder Director)
Vishal Haria (Founder Director)

Founded : 2012

Description :

ambitionME, an IIM alumni startup, is a platform that engages 16-30 year olds, enabling them to explore their aspirations through online/offline resources, opportunities & events. Our one of a kind Career Experience Workshops enable students to get a ground level flavor of their dream career through interesting activities and interactions with domain experts.

Initially launched as part of our market research, our other offerings include online resources (blog, freebooks) and offline Soft Skill workshops. The underlying vision is simple - enable students to help themselves. Currently we are developing an online platform that takes this concept of self-discovery online and expand it to include non-career related aspects as well. The platform will have student-centric fun activities, contests, skill-building exercises, opportunity listings and online resources.

Current Rating : 7.0

Products :

Career Experiences
Survival Skills

Funding :

ambitionME is currently bootstrapped through founder's equity. It has not raised any external funding. We are planning to raise funds in near future to grow the team while rolling out the platform.

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: How you different from others? I mean if you charge for what you are offering then what makes your startup different from other institutes and online products offering companies?