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Website : www.aptiDude.com

Founders :

Mayank Satkar

Founded : 2013

Description :

aptiDude.com is student competition forum and an academic network which caters to all technical and management students. It caters to all the technical and management students right from reputed B-Schools & Tech-Schools like IIM, IITs & NITs to various top B-Schools and Regional Engineering Institutes. aptiDude.com conducts various competitions (online & offline), and provides exclusive online testing modules to analyze the aptitude level of the individuals

The website has been launched in January-2013. aptiDude.com is catering to the student community especially graduates, post graduates and high school students across India. Considering the promotional strategies especially through offline activities and print media presence since last six months, this is one of the most sought-after website by the student audience. With nearly 50,000 email subscribers, 1.5lac+ SMS Subscribers and nearly 2000 website users, the website is generating tremendous web traffic and becoming a very useful portal to portray your brand to the target students.

Since its inception (off-line) in the year 2012, it has reached out to more than 25000 students across India through its various academic activities like online competitions, quizzes and forming student networks. The aim of this forum is to promote the spirit of competition among the students on continuous basis and to increase the ability of public interaction and communications by enhancing their level of participation in various competitions and student specific events.

Current Rating : 7.4

Products :

1. Online Competitions and Quizzes
2. Online Aptitude Evaluation
3. Student Network

Funding :

Initial Capital: Bootstrapped
For Future Investments looking for VCs and Angel-Investors.

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: The coolest people are here !!

: Way to go buddy...

: Well Done Team Aptidude and Mayank Satkar...Keep it Up.

: Good ...keep it up !

: Nice

: Its really needed to test our aptitude level on a regular basis that too on a national level...

: I jus loved the name ...aptiDude..yo Dude !

: Nice Name..eh !

: I appear on this portal for regular quizzes and test...Nice to see it hear !

: It will really be good portal for students if they use it well and also if the people behind it took it well...