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Fermin Atilde & Zelada

Founded : 2013

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coWonder: Where challenges and ideas meet, a dazzling social media platform that encourages the anonymous sharing and fostering of ideas and challenges, has launched in beta. There is something powerful about the simple act of helping somebody you have never met before, in giving without expecting recognition. When you do this in your daily life, perhaps by giving to a homeless person in the street, you don't go around telling people what you have done.

Instead, it feels right because something intangible clicks and a piece of the jigsaw falls into place. There is something magical in the quality of giving anonymously that satisfies a basic need in all of us. This magic is what coWonder is all about.The platform encourages its users to share ideas and challenges by asking for and giving help without giving out their identities. coWonder takes the joy that we all get from the simple act of sharing and combines it with an innovative mind-mapping engine.

The web is already the home to many sites we can visit to find the answers to specific questions. But what about those open-ended questions or those difficult-to-solve challenges where there is more than one definitive answer or a number of doorways to be explored? coWonder provides the base for its users to share exactly those kind of challenges and develop ideas in an anonymous and friendly environment. As it grows, the site will become a place bursting with ideas that will allow anybody to tackle any kind of challenge no matter what their background or knowledge.

coWonder's users could be searching for anything: the inspiration for a piece of poetry, the right name for a product, a different perspective on a personal issue. No matter what the challenge, when you open it up to a community of people seeking new horizons & the community of coWonder & anything is possible.

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