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Please explain your venture to us in brief.
CodeMyMobile, after almost a year, is positioned to be the most sophisticated enterprise mobility enablement partner for businesses that seek to maximize task-specific productivity, while optimizing security using a risk-based approach that is in compliance with NIST 800-124 standards. CodeMyMobile envisages development of innovative mobility solutions. We identify need for technology and cater the need with our mobile applications. We have pioneered in mobile applications, web applications, and ecommerce and enterprise solutions.

When did you join the business? What have you brought to the table?
I started with a goal to offer people better technology than we have now. But soon I realized what people have now is so bad that it doesn't take brilliance to do better. I started this company and have nurtured it to stand tall, representing brilliance and newness. I have been responsible for the passion in which this team has worked to attract the big clients. This determination to deliver next generation design patterns, responsive coding techniques and rigorous quality assurance reflects in our high quality apps and effective solutions.

What makes this particular concept different? Are there competitors? If yes, how do you stand out?
Businesses exist in a competitive environment. No matter how big the company, or how niche the product or service, competition can help nurture a business. Even companies with a monopoly over a product or industry strive to be bigger and better to ensure they don't get side-lined, ensuring their number one position.

For start-ups however, the issue is how you can exist as a small fish in a big pond? Our goal is to be that golden distinct fish, slowly growing, in a big pond!

We are striving to stand out with rich engineering, excellent services and enticing designs.

What is the revenue model?
A business model explains which consumer pain your startup chooses to relieve, why your solution works better than competing ones and how big a wedge a company can drive between what customers are willing to pay and the costs.

We follow a hybrid business and revenue model. A hybrid model is made up of several business patterns. We aim to capture the early markets for on demand software to create a competitive advantage in markets due to synergies between business patterns or business models. We differentiate our business model by offering software as a product, software as a service or a combination of both. We often also see a corresponding hybrid revenue model.

Who are the consumers that you are targeting with the innovation? How is this going to affect them?
Early Adopters. Early adopters are typically described as curious, adventurous consumers who buy first, talk fast and spread the word to others about the pros and/or cons of what they have purchased. Early adopters have a greater degree of product prescience than most consumers, and they make our target. They look at something new and say to themselves, “This is going to…” or “I can use this for…” or “What if I?” They recognize the different or latent values and benefits of a product as it relates to functionality (How am I going to use this?), usability (How will this work?) and sociability (What’s this going to do for me in public?). Intrigued by possibility and familiar with the challenges in a product category through previous experience and research, they are more willing to absorb the risks that are associated with purchasing something in its 1.0 or beta phase.

What is the potential of growth?
There's no precise answer to that. "Startup" is a pole, not a threshold. Starting one is at first no more than a declaration of one's ambitions. Innovation and technology, both of these terms carry immense potential, so does CodeMyMobile.

What is the strength of the organization and the scale of operations?
We are a team of 20 and growing. We operate from India and New York.

Give us a brief background of what you were doing before starting the venture.
I had been a space scientist at ISRO- Indian Space research Organization before I came on to become a tech entrepreneur. I grew up with a passion for programming. When I look back, I find that I started to code at the age of 12. They say passion leads you to a place you belong, I belonged to science. Yes, I got into ISRO as a space scientist. Every engineering grad in India dream to get into ISRO. My experience at ISRO was phenomenal. I wanted to do something of my own. My quest for entrepreneurship had me quit ISRO. I then found my love, CodeMyMobile.

I loved the way mobile apps changed our lives. I was convinced that a user centric mobile solution could revolutionize the way companies and people work. I created CodeMyMobile with a goal to devise user experience that would empower users with mobile.

Future plans:
Our road map is focused on growing as a mobile application service provider; grow our product development and API integration libraries so that we can continue to provide business leaders with greater flexibility while providing IT administrator’s easier device and application management capabilities. Their road map also includes ensuring greater regulatory compliance with HIPAA-HITECH, SOX, and GLBA etc.

Have you received any funding so far? Are you looking for funds? If yes how do you look to allocate the funds?
We received seed investment from small private investors of the USA.

What challenges did you face when you were starting out?
A startup is a scary adventure to embark upon because there are many unprecedented aspects. Being disciplined about approaching things in a lean way is incredibly difficult. In theory it seems straight-forward. In practice its super challenging and we’ve had some hits and some big misses too. CodeMyMobile, after almost a year, is positioned to be the most sophisticated enterprise mobility enablement partner for businesses that seek to maximize task-specific productivity, while optimizing security using a risk-based approach that is in compliance with NIST 800-124 standards.