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Please explain your venture to us in brief. is a search engine based website for boutiques and designers in Delhi NCR. We let boutiques and designers make their profiles on our website and based on the data that they provide, we let the end users search for the boutiques and designers.

When did you join the business? What have you brought to the table?
Shubhangini and I founded this company in July 2014. I handle all the marketing and financial aspects to the business. Sahaj was asked to make the website for us. And we asked him to join us towards the end.

What makes this particular concept different? Are there competitors? If yes, how do you stand out?
Till now, there was no search engine based website dedicated specifically to boutiques and designers. There was also no common platform for boutiques and designers to advertise themselves. We plan to do what zomato did for F&B industry and what FDCI did for fashion world offline.

What is the revenue model?
Our revenue will come from the banners that we will sell to the boutiques and designers on our website. We are also toying with a few other ideas as sources of revenue.

Who are the consumers that you are targeting with the innovation? How is this going to affect them?
Our organisation is helping in bringing Buyers and Designers together. So we are helping both the end users of boutique market and the boutiques themselves.
We realized that there is no pure database for boutiques and designers for the users to search on. We also realized that there is no common platform for them to advertise and promote online. So we thought of killing 2 birds with one arrow.

What is the potential of growth?
Design wear industry is going to reach 11K Crore mark by 2020 (according to ASSOCHAM). So the way we look at it, there is a very high potential in this market.

What is the strength of the organization and the scale of operations?
We are a team of 3 people and we operate through a network of interns on technical as well as marketing side. We have close to 500 boutiques out of Delhi NCR already registered with us. We have started collecting data for Jaipur, Mumbai and Guwahati.

Give us a brief background of what you were doing before starting the venture.
I completed my graduation in Commerce from Delhi College of Arts and Commerce and worked with in their sales department before coming up with this idea.
Shubhangini is pursuing Law form Guwahati University.
Sahaj Dhingra did his graduation in computer science from Amity University. He has 2 years work experience in building mobile apps and 1 year experience in making websites.

Future plans:
We plan to take to all the metropolitan cities as well as cities with strong boutique influence by the end of 2016. We hope to go international by 2020.

Have you received any funding so far? Are you looking for funds? If yes how do you look to allocate the funds?
No, we have not received any funding so far.

What challenges did you face when you were starting out?
The boutique and designer market is very traditional in general. When it comes to advertising and promotion, they hardly take online seriously. It has been tough getting them to understand the importance of our website and also getting them actively involved on our website. We still face it.