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Website : www.dial2verify.com

Founders :

Manish Kukreja (Co Founder)
Rahul Am (CTO)
Vijay Am (Founder)

Founded : 2013

Description :

Dial2Verify is a PAAS Start-Up based in Mumbai-Bangalore, having software labs operated from Bangalore.

We Provide an innovative platform to webmasters, for implementing Missed Call Based Solutions like Missed Call Based Customer Identity Verification or Missed Call Based Transaction Authorization ( Alternative to OTP based verification & Captcha ).

Following are some use cases, which our customers have implemented,

1. Signup verification: For Building a clean, trusted & authentic user base by validating their telephone numbers.

2. Lead Generation: For Optimizing sales leads by maintaining accurate telephone data. Thereby maximizing ROI.

3. Transaction Authorization: By using Dial2Veriy as an alternative to OTP based transaction authorization. Thereby significant reduction in the upfront costs.

4. E-commerce Cash On Delivery: For Validating user identity before dispatching / accepting cash on delivery shipments. Thereby saving significant supply chain cost involved in fake order processing.

What Next:
Generate your developer API Key:
You can go ahead and generate your API PassKey by giving a missed call to 0-4466-9494-99
by using sample.code.dial2verify.in/dial2verify_generate_api.dvf

Current Rating : 7.3

Products :

Dial2Verify - Missed Call Based Transaction Authorization

Funding :

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