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Profoundis Labs

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Founders :

Arjun R Pillai : CEO & Co-founder
Jofin Joseph : COO & Co-founder
Anoop Thomas Mathew : CTO & Co-founder
Nithin Sam Oommen : CIO & Co-founder

Founded : 2012

Description :

Profoundis Labs Pvt. Ltd delivers Social Media Analytics enabling the enterprises to listen, analyse and engage in conversations. We offer a range of SaaS products in Buzz listening, Sentiment Analysis and Media Monitoring. Our flagship products include:

1. Sense : The most powerful Commenting Analysis solution. It will work along with the popular commenting plugins iike Discus, FB plugin, Wordpress etc. Sense will empower the blog admins. Sense runs a powerful Sentiment analysis which will sense the Tone of the comments. The admins can set Customised Alerts, statistics, contacts of respondents and lot more. Sense is in the Private Beta phase and is free for limited time.

2. Emotion : Emotion is a Business Software that enables the Enterprises to leverage the power of Online data across the web (historical and present). It provides a holistic real time view of the awareness, focus and emotions of millions of users, advocates, influencers and so on. Furthermore it furnishes you with actionable insights and simple click actions through its easy-to-use Interface.

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Current Rating : 8.6

Products :

Range of SaaS products in Buzz listening, Sentiment Analysis and Media Monitoring

Funding :

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: Wow,thats some innovative thinking all the best to you guys !!

: Great ideas..!! Best wishes..!!

: All the very best

: Awesome! History begins here!

: A superlative initiative which can bring a profound change to the way we do business. Best of Luck Guys...!!

: All the best guys !!

: Great Initiative.. Analytics is the future as the data grows. All the best guys...