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Promise or Pay

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Jay Boolkin

Founded : 2013

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Sticking to self-improvement commitments is difficult, and what's more, failing to reach a goal can be disappointing and discouraging. With this in mind, Promise or Pay is dedicated to overcoming these problems by harnessing new media and technology to help you stick to your commitments and change the world for the common good.

The formula is simple. You publicly promise to do something or pay a nominated contribution to a charity if you do not follow through.

While there are numerous motivational sites that try to help people achieve their goals, Promise or Pay is a groundbreaking platform that combines proven social motivation with charitable giving. Promise or Pay motivates, inspires, challenges, and supports people of all ages to reach their full potential and make a better world.

Current Rating : 8.5

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Funding :

Promise or Pay won the Social Startups MVP Program and received funding to develop a first proof of concept, which successfully went live with a soft launch in late December 2013.

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