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At Giftsmate, we work both on products and technology to make gifting relevant and easy. So if you come to giftsmate, and are looking for say gifts for dad, it will show you gifts only relevant to dad, and majority of them can be personalized with your own ideas like photos, messages or just a monogram! And personalization does make a difference! ... see more


'Entrepreneur Interviews
PatentYogi was founded by a group of patent professionals who felt that more needed to be done to support the individual inventors, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and Universities when it comes to patenting.... see more


'Entrepreneur Interviews solves the biggest problem of Indian train travelers. It helps the users decide on the booking and avoid last minute hassle.It predicts the train ticket confirmation chances based on historical trends.... see more

Giftease Technologies

'Entrepreneur Interviews
Operating under the domain name, we are an online gifting specialist who make giving gifts as delightful as receiving them We offer our customers handpicked choices of products across a wide range of categories including Home & lifestyle products, Toys & Games, Fashion accessories, Jewelry, gadgets, flowers, chocolates and ... see more


'Entrepreneur Interviews is an internet based start-up which deals in music industry. It provides a unique ecosystem to the Budding Artists and Music Lovers where Artists can share their music with thousands of listeners across the globe and Listeners can listen to the music of their choice using the cloud services along with the fresh Indie Music and can also ... see more

Travel Designer Group

'Entrepreneur Interviews
A few years ago, the idea of representing a country locally was a concept only a few knew of, and even fewer had heard of. If travel agents wanted any information about a destination, they conducted their own study, did price comparisons, and asked relatives & friends, if they visited that destination for some sort of reference. But the obstacl... see more

Holidayen Compare

'Entrepreneur Interviews
Holidayen is an automated travel planning service that helps travelers discover, plan and book amazing, personalized travel experiences in more than 1200 international destinations. It provides recommendations and booking options for local sights, activities, tours and authentic cultural experiences. To enable travelers to compare various operators... see more


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CheersBye Homestays is a marketplace platform developed in India, for the sales and promotion of Homestays, Vacation Rentals and Villas properties in the Indian sub-continent. But unlike traditional digital platform providers, CheersBye’s operations team actively works with the affiliated properties, to ensure that all properties meet the lai... see more

Right Click Info

'Entrepreneur Interviews
We started with an idea of creating a unique portal for students to search coaching institutes or private tutor. This portal is nothing but the classes’ directory, but we have extended by having concept of timeline. There will be a student profile which includes his own timeline of classes or coaching institutes that he have joined to achieve... see more


'Entrepreneur Interviews
CRACKERJACK, like the queen ant is a symbol of leadership, creativity and excellence. Crackerjack is a ‘multi-disciplinary’ communication design consultancy based in Mumbai (India) and offers innovative design solutions through communication design programs. This includes strategy, branding, concept design/development and its implementa... see more

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