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Website :

Founders :

Sahil Dua ( Founder )

Founded : 2014

Description : is a unique website focused on photography competitions. It's basically a platform for organizing photography competitions.
Benefit to Organizers:
They no longer need to suffer from the pain of checking entries in mails. They can just collaborate with and can calm & sit back while participants submit their entries on the website. All they need to do at the end is to receive a folder containing all the photos(entries to a competition) along with a database containing details of all the participants. Not just this, they can get their competition homepage customized in their own way or just to match with their theme. Just like Junoon did for Shutter - and for Aperture . Also, they can get the entry submission form customized to satisfy their needs regarding the details of participants
Benefits for Participants:
Let's take a simple case, a participant comes to the website for participating in one competition. He gets to know about the website via the promotion done by organizers of that very competition. He comes and submits his entry. Ohh.. that doesn't end there! He gets to know that there are N number of more competitions going on, where he can submit his entry/entries. And Whao! He gets to participate in more competitions. Participant Happy! Organisers get more number of participants than that they were targetting via their publicity. Organisers Happy!

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